How Do I?

Grow Ops and Drug Labs

While all Abbotsford Police members are responsible for enforcing Canadian drug laws, the Abbotsford Police Department has a section dedicated to this task full-time within our community. These plainclothes members work within the City of Abbotsford conducting drug related investigations. Information from citizens often assists the section in successful prosecutions.

General Drug Information

Drug offenses in Canada fall under the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act, the Food and Drugs Act and related sections of the Criminal Code. The Abbotsford Police Department relies on public support to combat drug-related crime.  In accordance with the law, the Abbotsford Police Department respects the privacy and confidentiality of persons who provide drug-related information.

How You Can Help

As a citizen of Abbotsford, you can assist the Abbotsford Police Drug Enforcement Unit.

If you, members of your family, friends or neighbours have suspicion regarding any of the following indicators, please contact the Abbotsford Police Department in one of the many ways found available on the Report a Crime page.

Members of the general public are asked not to put themselves in any compromising position if you suspect a marijuana grow operation, drug lab, or other criminal activity in your neighbourhood.

Additional Resources

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