How Do I?

What is an IMEI?

IMEI is short for International Mobile Equipment Identity and is a unique number (15-18 digits) given to every mobile phone. The IMEI for your device can usually be found on your device box or on the back of the device itself, often behind the battery on a white label. The IMEI can also be displayed on a device’s screen by typing *#06# on the device’s pinpad (home screen).

Reporting your lost or stolen phone’s IMEI

If your cell phone has been lost or stolen, you should report your phone’s IMEI to your Canadian wireless service provider. You can find more information from each provider listed below:

Lynx Mobility
Public Mobile
Solo Mobile
Virgin Mobile

Checking a phone’s IMEI

If you are in possession of a device and want to determine whether it has been lost or stolen:

IMEI Check (

More Info:

For more info on protecting your data please see the following site.

Protect Your Data-Protect Yourself was created and is maintained by the Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association. CWTA is the authority on wireless issues, developments and trends in Canada. It represents cellular, PCS, messaging, mobile radio, fixed wireless and mobile satellite service providers as well as companies that develop and produce products for the industry.

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