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Business Watch

Crime Prevention is the establishment of partnership between the Police Department and local community members, be it residents or proprietors, to reduce the threat of crime, enhance the sense of safety and security, develop an environment where crime cannot flourish and positively influence the quality of life in our community.

The Purpose of Business Watch

To enhance communications between the Police and the Business Community in an effort to reduce and prevent crime against their businesses.

Key Components of Business Watch

Business Block Watch primarily establishes links among businesses and the police.  Business Watch is businesses taking systematic steps to reduce opportunities for crimes in and around business locations.  In Business Block Watch areas, the Block Watch Coordinator and business leaders assist business owners, operators and employees in:

  • Reporting crime, effectively observing and reporting to police all suspicious activities that could lead to crime
  • Operation Identification -- marking all equipment, machines etc., with traceable identification for deterrence and tracing
  • Robbery Prevention 
  • Break and Enter Prevention 
  • Self-Protection 
  • Improve communication between the participating Businesses and the Police

Principles of Crime Prevention

  • Crime Prevention is everybody’s business
  • Crime Prevention is more than security
  • Crime Prevention is cost effective
  • Crime Prevention requires cooperation and participation from all elements of the Community
  • Crime Prevention requires education
  • Crime Prevention improves the quality of life for every community -- businesses and residents

Benefits to Reducing Crime

  • Greater freedom and security for every community member -- business or resident
  • Revived sense of civic responsibility as a natural and expected part of the community
  • Healthier Communities
  • Increased pride in self and community both individually and collectively

Crime Prevention means working together to solve problems rather than working in isolation; it means working with concerned citizens to address ways to prevent crime.  It means the community, residential and commercial, learning how to protect themselves and working together to keep their neighbourhoods crime and drug free.  It means law enforcement working with neighbourhoods, businesses and service organizations to develop action plans based on information about crimes and other problems.

The Abbotsford Police Department will provide the following as part of your participation in Business Watch:

  • Crime Prevention training for businesses on subjects such as: shoplifting, armed robbery, vandalism, malicious mischief, fraud, and commercial burglary
  • Security Survey of your business
  • Coordinating a Business Block Watch Program for your area
  • Business Block Watch program stickers to advertise Community Awareness. 
  • Business Block Watch quarterly newsletter
  • Quarterly Meeting with Business Watch Leaders
  • Ongoing training for participants of Business Block Watch

For more information on the Business Watch Program, contact our Community Police Office at 604-864-4814 or email

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