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Matsqui Police, 1955We have proudly served with the community since 1955 when we were named the Matsqui Police Department. On January 1, 1995, the municipalities of Matsqui and Abbotsford amalgamated to be called the City of Abbotsford and the name of the Department changed to the Abbotsford Police Department

Excerpts from History of Matsqui Police - "Police, Politicians and Pioneers"

At 0001 hours on the 1st day of January 1955, Matsqui's new police members, Chief Bill Lumsden and Constable Fred Clark shook hands, and then in their borrowed uniforms and wearing Sam Brownes, stepped warily out of the station and into the department's '55 Dodge to commence their first shift on patrol. It was recorded as a quiet night; Matsqui's law-abiding population of 11,160 being mostly asleep.
At midnight on New Year's Eve 1994 - four decades later - the force faded away into the archives of British Columbia police history to re-emerge immediately as the City of Abbotsford Police Department.  In that time period, 188 members from all across Canada and the United Kingdom had faithfully served the people of Matsqui and the surrounding district.

Written by retired Inspector Pat McBride, this book is 750 pages in length and includes more than 500 photographs.  The book covers the history of the Matsqui Police since 1905 and is full of interesting stories.  Citizens of Abbotsford and anyone interested in the history of the former District of Matsqui will find this historical look at policing in the community very informative.

To order a copy of this book, please call 604-864-4724.

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