How Do I?


Youth who are involved in gangs may exhibit changes in their behavior.  Watch for these behaviors and other indicators such as:

  • Confrontational behavior including disrespect for parents or school authorities
  • Withdrawing from family and family activities
  • Poor grades, school absences and increased school discipline
  • Decline in  school participation
  • Conflict between home and school cultures
  • Criminal behavior by other family members
  • Staying out late without reason
  • Alcohol or drug use
  • Withdrawal from longtime friends and forming new poor peer relations
  • Increased negative contact with the police
  • Parents should be alert that their homes are not being used by their children to hide weapons or illegal drugs:
    • Those involved in the drug trade usually have a number of different cellular phones
    • Keeping their room locked or demand privacy and will often become upset or made if parents or siblings want to know what is in their rooms or why they want privacy
  • Changes in attitude about usual activities including sports or school
  • Unexplained injuries, such as being beaten or injuries to hand and knuckles from fighting
  • Possession of firearms or weapons
  • Unexplained cash or goods such as clothing or jewelry

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