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Operation Lodestar

In September 2010 "Operation Lodestar" was launched. Lodestar means one who serves as a guide or model.

Crime prevention starts at home. Preventative efforts should not be limited to schools and educational institutions where the focus is only on young people. Parents and other caregivers play a crucial role in public safety, and crime prevention should start at an early age.

Chief Bob Rich, along with Mayor George Peary, invited all parents of Abbotsford school students to attend one of 13 community presentations.

Eleven presentations where held at high schools while two were hosted at the Matsqui Centennial Auditorium. Three presentations were delivered in Punjabi. The presentations were intended to engage, educate and encourage parents. The session identified a number of things parents or caregivers could do to mitigate the risk factors leading to criminal behaviour, including:

  1. setting the example
  2. being informed
  3. supporting school
  4. making the rules
  5. getting involved


Printable, high resolution versions of the Lodestar posters are also available: Poster 1, Poster 2, Poster 3, Poster 4.

Printable, high resolution generic versions of the Just Like Dad posters: Gangster, Prisoner

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