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Operation Lodestar: Parenting Matters

Message to parents from Chief Bob Rich


Operation Lodestar: Parenting Matters
(Operation Lodestar: Parenting Matters - English version below)

Gangs, drugs and crime. These choices can be very destructive. But did you know there are a number of things parents or caregivers can do to mitigate the risk that their child will engage in criminal behaviour, drug use or gang involvement? Are you interested in becoming a more effective parent, guardian or community member?

If your answer is yes, then simply click on the video below.

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Operation Lodestar Speaker Bios

Dr. Dave Currie is a relationship warrior. He is President of Doing Family Right, an organization designed to teach people the truths that challenge relationships for the better. He is an international speaker, columnist, life coach, and crisis counselor in a host of life, marriage and family issues. Dr. Dave hosted 6 seasons of Marriage Uncensored and Marriage Uncensored with Dave & Christie, a TV Talk Show that grew to ¾ million viewers per week across North America. Married 37 years to Donalyn, they have parented 4 adult children, all now happily married.

Dr. Susan Goldsmith graduated with her doctorate from the University of Victoria. She has over 20 years of experience, which includes work as a school psychologist, therapist at mental health facilities, and a Registered Psychologist in private practice. After 20 years, she treats children, teens, adults and couples.

Dale Pretty is a School Psychologist with the Abbotsford School District. He completed a Masters degree in Applied Child & School Psychology from the University of Calgary in 2008. He completed his Undergraduate degree in teaching from Memorial University of Newfoundland. Prior to becoming a School Psychologist Mr. Pretty was a teacher throughout various local area high schools.

Iona Snair has been involved in youth work for the past 30 years in a variety of forms - including directing drop-ins,counselling youth on probation, foster parenting and training youth workers. Presently she and her husband are educating young youth workers through Lifeteams: School of Youth Outreach - a program of Youth Unlimited. They live in Abbotsford with their two sons, Eli and Sasha.

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