How Do I?

Operation Resolution 

The holidays and the New Year are times for reflection and improvement. It provides all of us with an opportunity to look back on our own lives with an eye on moving forward. Popular resolutions include promises of losing weight or to quit smoking. It's about kicking the bad habits and starting anew. Some resolutions include spending more time with family and friends or are focused on personal growth. At the end of the day, it's all about making choices. 

As a police department we have seen the tragic and devastating consequences of poor choices. We have seen the death and destruction to individual lives and families that the choice of crime, drugs and gangs bring. But we believe that it is never too late for a person to make a better choice for their life. It may not be easy, but the benefits you can reap are worth the effort. It starts by taking small steps. If you find yourself wanting to change the direction of your life we would be interested in speaking with you. We have set up a dedicated number you can call - 604-864-4777. No regrets! 


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