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Operation Tarnish

tarnish - to dull the luster of; to spoil or taint; to bring disgrace on.

In September 2009 the APD launched "Operation Tarnish: Taking the Shine Off the Gang Lifestyle" to coincide with the start of the school year. The intention of this initiative was to prevent youg people from being lured by the alleged appeal of a life that includes gangs and drugs.

A core component of Operation Tarnish was a series of posters modeled after Health Canada's warning labels. Because there is no soft sell for the anti-gang lifestyle, each poster contained a serious graphic and an engaging phrase using language familiar to youth. The objective of the posters was to generate thought, provoke dialogue and focus attention on this challenge facing the community.

Operation Tarnish was a continuation of the commitment by the APD to do something about the problem. A new poster was released every three weeks throughout the school year.


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