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Operation Vector

vector - a course or direction; a force or influence.

Operation Vector PosterIn 2011 the Abbotsford Police Department launched "Operation Vector", returning to secondary schools and continuing its anti-gang and good choices campaign. Operation Vector fulfills the commitment made by the APD to return and update secondary school students on the progress made by the police department, the community, and young people since Operation Impact and Operation Impact II, launched over two years ago. At that time statistics Canada considered Abbotsford-Mission to be the homicide capital of Canada (according to Census Metropolitan Area numbers). Since then, the community and young people in the community have decided to chart a different course and take a new direction... a new Vector.

However, recent gang related shootings are a sad reminder of how the gang lifestyle, for many young people, is alluring, yet tragic. Operation Vector offers a frank discussion on choices and consequences and utilizes examples of tragedies that resonate with Abbotsford residents and made media headlines. Equally important is that Operation Vector delivers encouragement to youth who have taken their lives in positive directions.

Some of the information provided in Operation Vector will be familiar to students, reinforcing APD’s earlier messaging in a current and relevant way about the dangers of the gang lifestyle and risky behaviour in general. APD believes it’s important to present this information since this age group is one in which students' decisions can often set the course for their life.

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