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Operation Veritas

Operation Veritas bannerIn April 2010 the APD launched "Operation Veritas" (latin for truth), a series of short anti-gang videos to challenge the myth that gangs are as desirable and cool as the media, video games, and music portray them to be. The theme of each video was that criminal involvement is "senseless" and comes at a price.

The videos depict both the real cost of criminal behaviour in terms of dollars and the life altering consequences that go far beyhond the simple monetary costs. The videos then juxtapose these scenarios with the choice of a crime free lifestyle which the APD believes is "priceless."

The videos were available online and displayed on video screens in public buildings in the City of Abbotsford as well as in Abbotsford Secondary Schools.

Many media and community partners agreed to host, link or publicize these videos. Local newspapers and radio stations demonstrated a strong commitment to the community by their generosity in promoting this campaign.

All of the videos were filmed on location in Abbotsford and used community members supportive of the project rather than paid actors.

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