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Project Prime

For the 2011/12 school year, "Project Prime" was launched. This program focused on a series of character traits developed by the Abbotsford City of Character initiative:

  • courage
  • empathy
  • integrity
  • respect
  • responsibility
  • service

Consistent and prolonged messaging is important. Every day children get bombarded with messaging, often times violent (eg. video games, music, TV, movies). But rather than telling children what they shouldn’t do, this program highlighted positive aspects of behaviour. As well, according to the "CSGV Risk and Protective Factors for Gang Violence", one identified risk factor for gang violence was organizations and services focusing on problems, rather than assets of people. Project Prime featured the positive assets of behavior and capacity building in youth. It avoided negative labeling, another protective factor in gang and crime prevention.

These positive messages were displayed in Abbotsford School District buses as well as those of independent schools. Based on ridership numbers provided by the School District, there would be about 1.3 million views of the messaging over the school year. These signs were produced, through a generous donation by TD Canada Trust, on non-adhesive material.

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