How Do I?

Speed Watch

Speed Watch is an educational program aimed at reducing incidents of speeding. It is designed to raise public awareness of the actual speeds drivers are travelling. The Speed Watch program is conducted in partnership with the police, citizen volunteers and ICBC.

Are You Aware?

  • Crashes involving speed kill or injure more people then those involving alcohol? 
  • Approximately 15,000 traffic crashes involve speed? Every year, more then 200 people are killed and 8,000 are injured. 

Did You Know?

  • The Speed Watch Program monitors speeding in your area 
  • Using portable RADAR equipment and an electronic sign for instant feedback, drivers will be made aware of their speed as they travel along neighbourhood streets. 
  • Information about speeding locations will be given to the police and Speed Watch 
  • Schools can obtain volunteers by utilizing the display unit at open house sessions.

Speed Watch helps address traffic and speeding problems through:

  • Public and community awareness 
  • Neighbourhood action 
  • Gathering speed-related data 
  • Police awareness 
  • Traffic Calming 


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