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Strategic Plan

At a Glance - Abbotsford Police Board Strategic Plan 2012-2017

Key Priority Areas Strategic Goals Critical Issues Objectives
Service Delivery

Ensure APD operational plans reflect the APB strategic plan and annual community input

Provide ongoing policy direction to the APD

Resources / Budget



Legislative changes

Approve APD annual report on results

Approve annual APD operational plan

Monitor progress at monthly APB meetings

Facilities and Infrastructure

Ensure the current and future requirements for accommodation, facilities, equipment and materiel is secured for the PD

Government priorities

Resources / Budget

Management framework linkages

Internal corporate service delivery capacity

Identify and mobilize stakeholders

Develop and approve plan including a funding strategy

Lead development of E-Comm II

Financial Stewardship

Ensure efficacy of expenditures

Ensure effective budget advocacy

Approve annual budget

Financial literacy

Collaboration with city and province

Ensure effective Finance and Audit committee

Conduct semi-annual Council/Board meetings

Review financial dashboard monthly

Community Engagement and Communications

Increase public confidence in and satisfaction with the APD

Improve awareness and understanding of Police Board role in the community

Media, public image and branding

Information technology and corporate service capacity

Promote and encourage community access to the APD website

Promote APD annual report to the community

Improve effectiveness of BCAPB/CAPB

Promote APD community survey

Effective Organizational Capacity and Structure

Ensure annual evaluation, development and succession planning for Board

Ensure effective succession planning for Chief and executive

Ensure the effectiveness of Board committee work

Ensure the APD reflects the cultural, ethnic and gender diversity of the community

Human Resources expertise and capacity

Resources / Budget

Establish individual learning goals for BM's

Conduct annual review of committee structure, membership and roles

Review committee reports on results monthly

Keep and find the best Chief and BM's

Review and approve Annual APD Human Resources Plan


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